6mm 4 lead momentary switches do not fit PCB drilled holes

I just took delivery of my 3 board sample. All of the through the hole components line up with the holes on the PCB except for the pushbutton switches. These are the standard ones I use for breadboard designs all the time and it seems that the space vertically between the holes is too small and the space horizontally between the holes is too large. I have been trying to bend the switch leads to get them to insert where I would be able to solder them but I am having no success.

The switches I have are cheap ones from Amazon and maybe there is a vendor/brand that I can order switches from that would fit the holes as drilled. I used Fritzing software to convert from breadboard to schematic to PCB design. The switches I chose in Fritzing were the standard momentary ones from the Fritzing parts list.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Browsing on Digikey I see there are switches with other dimensions around the 6mm x 6mm form.

I measured the holes on the PCB with a simple ruler and it seems that the hole outline is NOT 6 x 6 but rather 6mm horizontally and 5 mm vertically.

Should the drill holes be that different from one another?

OK, I think I had confusion with the switch orientation. On the breadboard, the switches have a vertical orientation with the claws bending toward the horizontal. On the PCB, the switches have a horizontal orientation with the claws, once the switch is inserted, bending towards the vertical.

As only as the schematic was respected, I guess I should be good. I did get one of the cheap switches inserted cleanly in the PCB drill holes once I reversed the sense of where the claws bend toward one another.

Maybe just a newbie mistake?