About this tutorial

AISLER understands Gerber files generated from Designspark. This tutorial shows you in five easy steps how your Designspark export will always succeed when imported.

Step 1: Open Output->Manufacturing Plots

Step 2: Click Device Setup

Adjust according to screen and click OK.


Step 3: Click Add Plot and use Gerber

We need to have the board outline in a separate file, so we will add a plot to the Output


Step 4: Rename the added plot to boardoutline


Step 5: Deselect unneccesary plots

Please remove “Top Documentation” from the list


Step 6: Adjust proper settings

a) Set the drill settings to 2 Integer and 4 Decimal, deselect metric units


b) Set Plot From and To on all layers to the same values as the boardoutline

c) Click NC Drill in Options to 2 Integer and 4 Decimal, deselect metric units



Step 7: Zip it all up

Step 8: Profit :wink:

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