Environmental Standards

We believe that producing electronics is possible without harming the environment. This is why we don’t only put emphasis on delivering the highest quality electronics, but also upholding to the highest environmental standards. Together with our manufacturers, we try to always exceed legal standards and continuously improve on every aspect of production.

Please see the overview of the measures we take to keep those standards

  • We only use special, environmentally friendly colors.
  • Our manufacturer’s wastewater filtration provides water that outperforms legal regulation on drinking water purity.
  • We run an annual review to further reduce wastewater.
  • We strictly DON’T use
    • formaldehyde
    • cyanide
    • alkyl halides
    • ozone damaging compounds
  • All other chemical waste material is gathered, separated and recycled either in-house or by a specialized contractor.
  • Our remaining copper has over 99% purity.
  • All boards are fully RoHS/REACH compliant

More on our RoHS/REACH compliance can be found here