Exporting ODB++ from Designspark

Open up the Board view.
Navigate to Output → ODB++

This will open a window with a few options. There you can set:

  • Wether or not the ODB++ files should be compressed.
  • The location the files will be saved to.
  • Which Layers you want to export.
  • Setting Layer Types.

Is is OK to include all Layers, we will import the ones we need automatically. However you need to assign the Silkscreen, Soldermask and Solderpaste Layers!
Otherwise your board will be manufactured without Soldermask or Silkscreen..
If you do not define the Solder Paste Layer we are unable to manufacture a stencil for you.
It is mandetory to define the Solder Paste layer if you order a assembly.

Leave the Compressed checkbox ticked so you dont have to manually compress the files before ordering.

When everything is set up press OK and save the .tgz file.


Now upload the file to our website, we will automatically generate the production data from it.

That looks pretty good, even the BOM was imported. :partying_face:

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