[ Feature Request ] Altium CircuitMaker 2.x

Although there are instructions for Altium Circuit Studio and Altium Designer, I am missing instructions for Altium CircuitMaker. In the latest version, exported Gerber files can only be downloaded via Cloud.
Also, the output creates various files with endings like GBO/GBP/GBS, and not *.GER files.
I was able to uplaod a ZIP file to Aisler, but don’t get an outline ( a *.GM1 file)

I would be very thankful for suggestions.

hi @mr_rabbit welcome to the community.

would you mind sharing a Gerber Export Package that comes out of CircuitMaker? That way we could analyse what the issue be and give proper guidance in our Knowledge Base.

Hey @Felix-from-AISLER
i have the same issue, when i upload the .zip file no outline is detected.
I made the gerber files like described here Altium Circuit Studio.
The every menu item is the same, without in the last step the Mechanical 1 is not in my list. I have Outline as Option.

In the gernerated outline file is:

G04 #@! TF.GenerationSoftware,Altium Limited,CircuitMaker,2.2.1 (*
G04 Layer_Color=16740166*
G04 #@! TF.SameCoordinates,4F79340E-7696-4130-B975-83647B8B98CC*
G04 #@! TF.FilePolarity,Positive*

Hi @Handmann, sorry for the late reply. We would like to improve the CircuitMaker support, so it would be handy to have some more information about your project. Could you provide us access to it via a support ticket or a DM?