How long does shipping take?

The shipping times of standard shipping vary by region. The table below should give you an estimate of what you can expect

Region Shipping time
Germany 2 business days
United States 4 business days
BENELUX 2 business days
U.K. 4 business days
Rest of Europe max. 7 business days
Rest of the world max. 4 weeks

Orders to the United States are shipped via USPS everything else is shipped via Deutsche Post.

Express shipping is a lot faster. If you are located in the EU, UPS Express can usually reach you within 2 business days For countries outside the EU, shipping may take up to 3 days. (4 days max.). For more information on the current shipping times, please visit the respective webapges for UPS Expedited, UPS Standard and UPS Express Saver

Please also note that every PCB is manufactured to order. The manufacturing process takes up to 2 business days for the faster “Blitz” service and up to 5 business days for our “HD” service, after which the orders will be shipped according to the chosen shipping method.
(Please note that pooling/manufacturing times for our 4-layer Boards may be longer and fluctuate with demand. )


Where do these boards ship from? Netherlands?

I am asking because my order has shipped on 5th September and I am still waiting for them (destination: Europe), today: 16th.
I can wait, but I am just wondering… Probably my country is in the “Rest of the world” even though it is in Europe :slight_smile:

Best regards!


The Boards ship from Germany.

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Package received to Bosnia (Rest of Europe) in 14 days.
PCBs look great :slight_smile:

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Hi, I just got an email saying shipping will take 10 days even though I live in the Netherlands, so it should be only 2 days. Which of the two is correct?

Hey guys, my order has shipped @Nov.25 and I am still waiting for it. It actually takes the same amount of time to arrive as if I ordered from China, which is ridiculous. It makes me wonder if the PCBs are actually manufactured in China and sent to Europe.
It simply makes no sense to me that it takes this long to get them.

It has been over a month now and PCBs are still traveling :slight_smile:
I guess it is because of the holiday season. I hope I get them this year!

All PCBs are manufactured in Germany.
Its very unfortunate that shipping take so long for you this time. Could you open up a ticket for us?

Still waiting for it (shipped Nov.25 2022).
I don’t remember what I was building anymore…

I bet that if the envelope was carried by a one-armed and one-legged postman, hopping on his good leg from Germany to Bosnia while resting every 15 minutes, it would have arrived by now :slight_smile:

I send you an Email, we are sorry for the loss of the parcel and want to send you a new batch free of charge.

My order has not arrived. It is now 3 full weeks since you shipped the order.
I already sent you a support request 3 days ago, but have not received any answer.

Can’t find any other way of contacting you, so posting here.

Hi. I am sorry about the delay. Would you mind sharing your order number? I will take a look what went wrong.

Order number: 2023-45895
According to email notification, it was shipped on 3.03.

Yes it was shipped, but we are unable to investigate what happened to your parcel because you chose shipping without tracking. If wou like we could offer you a remanufacturing of the boards.

Yes, please do that ASAP.
I didn’t know that shipping without tracking exists in year 2023 :astonished:. Even 10 cent orders from china have shipping tracking.

Our free shipping uses Deutsche Post Warensendung which does not support tracking. Lost parcels are very rare but as with any complex service errors can happen. If you require tracking you can choose UPS, this however cost you extra.

Please note that cheap shipping from china is often subsidized or makes use of loopholes, this puts european companies at a disadvantage.

Your order is being remanufactured.

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This time my PCBs arrived in a week (EU).

PCBs look excellent, thanks Aisler :slight_smile:

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