Ordering via Gerber Files

Hey there.

I want to upload some files gerber files in a zip-container but I always get the error:

“Wir waren leider nicht in der Lage in dem Archiv RS-247X (GERBER) Dateien zu finden.”
(we were not able to finde RS-247X(GERBER)Files in this archive)

The files were created in Altium Designer , newest version.

I tried the following things:

folder inside the zip-container with all gbr-files
all gbr-files directly inside the zip-container without a sub-folder

export in civilized units
export in imperial units, with all settings demanded by Aisler

export as gerbers
export as gerbersX2

Nothing worked so far. I won’t use the Altium-plugin Aisler is providing, I actually doing this detour via gerber-file on purpose. So what could be the source of this issue?

best regards,


Hey @mhFWR ,

Welcome to the community!

Can you please send me the zip via PN or our Support ? I’ll see what the problem might be.