Pad clearance UFQFPN and LQFP package

Good day to all,
i need a suggestion about the correct size about pad clearance and soldermask for UFQFPN and LQFP package under kicad…
Waiting for suggestions and advices.


There are IPC standards which specify the creation of footprints which you could take a look at.

Im not sure what you are refering to with the pad clearance. The pad to pad or pad to trace spacing?

Its not recommended to change the soldermask clearance, this is done by the PCB manufacturer.

im refering to pad to pad supported by aisler.
I’ve under design some pcb under kicad and i would like set a good pad to pad clearance and the best soldermask supported by this manufacturer

Take a look at the design rules.
There is no need to specify a manual soldermask clearance, this is done by Aisler.

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contacting Aisler support they show me some issues on the clearance and distance about few traces… which are the best parameters for fix it

In The pictures attached there are some settings

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Maybe take a look at your “Custom Rules” also. I saw some weird settings there sometimes.

Good day, would you mind advice me pls in in the board setup i must apply some changes pls?
Im taking a look now i ln the custom settings…

For simplicity, you can delete everything in “Custom Rules”. Those are for more complex settings. The basic settings (“Constraints”) are like the one you already tweaked here:

“Custom Rules” is a feature implemented for more complex users and constraints in a text based, scripting like format.

Everything you need you can see here:

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Yesterday ive done some changes adding the parameters found in the asiler board specifications but i dont know if the parameters ive done are correct or not…these are the actuals

i will attacha also custom rules

Your Minumum annular width is 0.02 mm and should be 0.2 mm.

Everything else seems okay, you can check the exact values from the link I sent in before.

ookay, coppert to edge its related to letter N??

Aisler can support via diameter of 0.6mm witha a hole of 0.3?

You should have recieved a message from the support regarding your Ticket.