PCB Specifications

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Thanks a lot for your conclusive reply!

Yes, i wasn’t that far in the process of ordering to see this.
I actually thought that ENIG would be an option for aluminium wire bonding as in my case, but way out of budget…seems not the case :wink:
The carrier board is extremely simple, Thanks a lot!

PS: From the table above it appears like budget board and ENIG finish is not combinable…

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Hi Patrick (@timeout),

You’re welcome!

PS: From the table above it appears like budget board and ENIG finish is not combinable…

That’s right: Blitz and Budget boards always come with a HASL finish, HD (2L & 4L) always with an ENIG finish. The selection (HASL/ENIG) allows only compatible products to be selected during checkout. In your case (ENIG selected) this would be Beautiful Boards HD.


I just placed an order, and it appears that it will be about 6 day turnaround time. I wonder if I somehow need to select the “blitz” option for the two day turnaround. I just don’t know how to. I can’t seem to find the option when placing the order.

This is only possible when your Design Rule Rating is “Simple”. More on that here PCB Design Rules - :open_book: Knowledge Base / :open_book: Design Rules & Specs - AISLER Creative Community :slight_smile:

It is either Blitz⚡OR Budget💰 OR Beautiful Boards HD, it is not an additional checkbox to make your order “Blitz”.

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Can you produce boards with 2oz/70µm copper thickness?

Hi Richard,

welcome to our Community! Unfortunately we do not offer 20oc copper thickness right now. I am happy to contact you as soon as we offer this specification.


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How thick is the through hole and via plating?


The plating thickness should be according to IPC 6012 Class 2

which translates to 18 um - 20 um for Through-Hole (which includes Vias) plating.

I didn’t realize that Class 2 translated into a plating rating, thanks!

It´’s much more than this, the IPC 6012 standard has 58 pages with many properties defined by the class. :slight_smile:

When I want to calculate the maximum amperage that a specific trace on a PCB can handle by using it’s own width, what thickness should I use for this calculation: the base copper thickness or the min. processed copper thickness? (Specifically in the case of “Beautiful Boards HD 4L”)

For current calculations the minimum processed copper is used.

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Got one question concerning PCB thickness. Do you offer also stronger boards than 1.6mm ?
I actually have a Beautiful board HD complex in sandbox.

Another question regarding PCB thickness. It is possible to create PCB’s (one or two layer) with 0.5mm thickness?

@Joachim @kuemmling-online-de

At this moment we only support boards with a thickness of 1.6mm in our prototyping pool. If you are ordering larger quantities you can message our support regarding other thicknesses, they will create an offer for you.

Any news about the series production?

You have to contact our support for this. Note the minimum quantity is one panel.

What is the size of a panel?


I am busy uploading my first KiCAD designed PCBs, how exciting. So far, the PCBs upload and look very nice.

In KiCAD, they have a “layer alignment target” which looks like it is very useful for, well, aligning the layers and visual inspection. Do you recommend including one of those? It shows up as a drilled hole which might be a little over the top.

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