PCBs didn't arrive and support doesn't answer

I ordered 2 month ago and the PCBs should arrive 6 (!) weeks ago but they didn’t. I mailed to support many, many times but nobody answered. Why AISLER has such a miserable support?!
I’m unable to get an answer why it took such a long time for the PCBs to arrive. If I’d order in China it didn’t last half as long!


Could you DM me your order number? I will take a look.

Here is my order number: 2023-37052

It seems not to be possible to DM

It was shipped on the 25th of January with Deutsche Post Großbrief so its unfortunately not possible to track the shipment. I will discuss on Monday which options we have.

I know, but it was wrong addressed because of a left old address in your database that I deleted long before. And it was send out again as Laurin told me per email from 08 Feb. But this also didn’t arrive. All of my emails from this date on were unresponded!

Monday is nearly over!

A coworker is investigating.

1st. The parcel shouldn’t have been shipped to the wrong adress if you deleted it.

2nd. According to her the parcel never came back.

3rd. Is difficult to figure out where the parcel ended up because you chose free shipping with no tracking.

We can offer you a new run of the PCB or a refund.

Please make a new run.

Your boards will be remanufactured, they will ship out in 3 days.

Today, the parcel did arrive. But the stencil in the package is damaged because of an impact. Because of this it hasn’t a flat surface anymore (see picture of stencil and packaging). I couldn’t complain to the parcel carrier because I didn’t meet him or her.

I am sorry this happened, we will remanufacture a new stencil for you if you like.

Sure, but no need to hurry. I‘m not at home for four weeks.

Then please reply to this thread when your back so we know.