Quote: How to create and accept a Quote

tldr; For all business customers that require a quote prior to ordering or need a custom offer for our Amazing Assembly Service we offer SmartQuote, a simple interface to create and accept quotations online. As an added benefit, SmartQuotes allow you to order more than one project at the same time and hence save on shipping. This guide shows you how to use SmartQuotes.

Create your own SmartQuote

Need a quote for your (or more than one) project? This is easy as pie. Just navigate over to your Team’s quotation section:

Create a new SmartQuote

To create a SmartQuote, click New :

Enter Shipping and Billing details

Enter your respective Shipping and billing address for your company. Should the accounting department need a different address, this is your place to do so (all addresses of your Team will be available for selection, so make sure all addresses are set beforehand):

Adding projects and products to your quote

And now to the more interesting part.
Adding what you actually need to a SmartQuote is easy, just select the project you need and then the product you want to have quoted (prices will appear later so just pick what you need):

Add additional line-items by selecting the respective project and a product:

Select Shipping options

Select shipping options only once per SmartQuote

Store the Quote

And ultimately, click Create to create the quote:

:tada: :raised_hands: Yay, you have created a SmartQuote, that was easy, wasn’t it? :tada: :raised_hands:

And one more thing (consolidation of orders):

One thing that you’ll immediately notice: You can add as many projects and products as you want. This means that way you can easily consolidate an order that needs more than one project. You will also only need to select shipping once. We will hence ship everything together. Your Inbound Warehouse and your accounting department will love you for doing this :wink:

Accepting a SmartQuote

Either you created a SmartQuote yourself, or our Sales Team has provided you with a custom quote. Both can be accepted with a breeze in the Quotations section of your account. Hence no need to send out e-mails, and have them manually be accepted by staff. That precious time is better spend manufacturing your order :wink:

You can accept quotes by entering your PO Number, or if you don’t have one by just entering a random combination of characters (for example: AISLER IS COOL!!):

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? That’s how Quotation to Order should work! And if you want to be even faster, invite your purchasing department to your Smart Team today, and they can organize everything by themselves.


There’s no mention of payment methods in this post or (unless I missed it) during the ordering process. The confirmation email says the order was paid with “Charge on Account”, but I never had that enabled on my account. I believe it shouldn’t have allowed me to make the order in that case.

Also, I submitted a request to cancel the order to try to fix that immediately, but the order went into production next day anyway. What can I do now?

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Is it possible to get a SmartQuote with free shipping? I am not able to continue without selecting one of the paid (and pricey) options.

Hi Christina
Smart Quotes is great, esp. for Universities and other Gov’t entities!

HOWEVER, I created my quote and seem not to be able to send it off with a PO number – the page just reverts back to the quote w/ an empty PO No. field :frowning:
Maybe something to be changed in my acct setup? It used to work before.
Any help?

Hi could you try to create a new quotation?