Silkscreen specifications

Hello Aisler,

can you add a article for the specifications of the silkscreen?

min line width would be a good thing to know :wink:
and a minimal text height that is known to work :wink:

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Hello! Thumbs up for this question!
I personally have tried Stroke text with 0.1mm line width and 0.6mm height, and it was great! Readable, no problemo. Just don’t put the text on via, have some 0.2mm distance from hole, because via is uneven, so the paint does not stick over it and text cripples. But you probably already know that… Also, if I recall correctly, Aisler automatically removes silkscreen that is closer than 0.2mm from pad (probably, 0.1mm from soldermask opening), so you would want to have that distance between silkscreen edge and pad.
Would be good to hear official version from Aisler.
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I have up to now tried 32mil (~0.8mm) with 8% ratio (Eagle 7.7) and it looks great in every way. Thus 0.6mm works too as Andris wrote, it is a good hint for me. Least specifications of the silkscreen for the design rules is a good idea.

Hi @s-light ,

Thanks for your request, this would be a really good idea. We are currently working on that article and we will publish it as soon as possible.

Also thank you to @AndrisIgaunis for you detailed feedback. Welcome to the community! We will include your explanation in our article.



Hello again! Here is a picture with one of my PCBs ordered at Aisler. Designed in Altium CircuitStudio, Stroke Font, 0.6mm height, 0.1mm line width. Real text height from edge to edge is actually 0.7mm, because this program defines height for 0mm line thickness, and the 0.1mm line thickness adds to it. But that’s just a tiny technicality. And I have also used 0.4mm (0.5mm) text height in some extreme case, and it was acceptable. It is a bit dusty already, but you will get the idea.
Under C22, there is a resistor R11 whose designator has a black dot - that is a via with hole size 0.3mm. Because of uneven surface around drills, paint did not stick in some places, which is normal. But the diameter of that black dot is only 0.4mm, so probably a 0.05mm distance between hole and text would be sufficient. In Altium, it is defined as 0.3mm hole, so probably Aisler assumes it as “final hole size”, which means drill was 0.4mm, and then plated to 0.3mm.

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@christina Any news on that article about silkscreen specifications?

Thanks for posting this.
Should there also be a link to this topic in that post?
Also, is there a reason, that the topic Silkscreen Specification does not appear when browsing the Design Rules category?