Slotted Holes in EAGLE

In EAGLE there are many ways to do slots. :sweat_smile:

I have an example of an USB - C port here:

In the picture I have done it with the Milling layer. Note, that you have to do a closed line and not one line, see the following picture:


For the Pad itsef, you combine many parts, as seen the following pictures:


One note: In this picture the polygon on BStop is missing, it is the same for the bottom layer as on TStop (top layer).

The ‘SMD’ will define the outer size.
The inner part is defined by the Milling Layer.

Würth Electronics does it this way:

Source: WR-COM USB 2.0 Type C Receptacle Horizontal SMT | Elektromechanische Bauelemente | Würth Elektronik Produktkatalog (

The problem with the Würth Electronic way is that if the part is placed on e.g. a GND polygon, it will not connect automatically because there is an unnamed pad around the drill with this method.

My last proposal (and the way we used it now in our company):

Slotted holes in EAGLE are a nightmare for everyone, so don’t worry :smiley: