The rendering of my project does not look correct. Please help!

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I have a simple question and it would be great if you help me.

I want to fabricate a simple one-layer microstrip antenna. I have uploaded the Greber file (as a zip file) for the top layer named as suggested project_name.toplayer.gbr and for the substrate it named it as project_name.bottomlayer.gbr. However, on the overview tab I see a blank black box, not my design. and on the PCB tab, I see an additional rectangular layer which is not related to my design.

Could you please help me that how I can remove the triangular layer and how I can specify the thickness of the FR-4 substrate? Also, as I do not see the design in overview tab, How I can be sure that the fabrication order will be processed correctly?

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Hi @kate ,

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I just had a look on your uploaded files. Your uploaded gerber zip contains two files *.boardoutline.gbr and *.toplayer.gbr. I cannot find a *bottomlayer.gbr.

First of all regarding the issue with the wrong preview in the overview tab and the triangle in the PCB tab:

The *.boardoutline.gbr contains a polygon which describes a filled rectangle. That’s why you see this black box in the overview tab. However, our system does not recognize this shape properly which results in this triangle. As this triangle is the basis for the generation of the milling paths, you should fix this in any case before ordering. Please draw the board outline as a contour and not as a filled polygon. You can find further information here .

As your zip only contains information about the top side copper and the shape of your board you should be aware, that we will cover the whole pcb with soldermask on both sides. In case you want to have access to the conductors/pads, you need to add a corresponding soldermask layer. See also here.

Regarding the thickness of the FR-4: There is no option to define it’s thickness. The thickness is fix for every product. You’ll find the thickness in the corresponding stackup. See here.


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