We are looking for an Example Project for Smart Review

We at Aisler want to make Hardware less hard, our newly introduced Smart Review for PCB and Assembly is part of this. To lower the entry barrier even further, we want to provide an example project enabling new users to discover all the Smart Reviews features.

We have a great community of Hardware Designers and want to involve them in our journey to make Hardware accessible for everyone. Here’s where you come into play!

Submit your design to win 100€ store credit if your design is chosen, each participant will receive 5€ store credit.


  • Your Design is open source.

  • The Design must be your own, not someone’s else’s.

  • The Design you submit must have all components on the Board documented to showcase our Assembly Review. You can find more about assigning parts here: Documenting parts

  • You allow Aisler to use your Design for promotional purposes, this includes the Website, Social Media like Twitter and LinkedIn, Offline Media like Flyers. We will also provide your Design as download to Users who want to try our Smart Review.

  • You can submit your design till the 20th March 2023, simply reply with your Aisler project link.

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Hello. You can use one of my projects. They are all simple boards, made by me, using KiCad, and are available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license:

I can provide all the KiCad project files, if you need them. I think all the components are well documented.

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Hi! I just finished a new project. It’s a control board to drive brushless DC motors (BLDC) with Field Oriented Control (FOC). It is a small 50x50mm 6-layer mixed-signal + power board (wanted to test the capabilities). It is not tested yet, but hoping it works. Thank you!

BLDC sensorless FOC driver