0.1/0.25 mm Microvias (Via in pad)

Currently we cannot use Aisler for prototype boards, because there is no way we can do the escape routing for a 100 ball 0.4 mm pitch BGA part without microvias (and specifically: microvias-in-pad). Pad diameter for 0.4 mm pitch parts is around 0.25 mm, so the microvia-in-pad would have to be relatively small as well: a 0.1 mm drill hole with a 0.25 mm pad diameter would be required for escape routing the above mentioned 0.4 mm pitch part.
Does Aisler have plans for offering microvias?

Microvias are currently not on our roadmap.

Too bad. Thanks for the quick reply though. :slight_smile:

Adding capabilities is not a simple process and while we work on making our service more awesome, we would rather not promise something that we are not actively working on.