2022 will be bright, we are looking forward!

On behalf of the whole team at AISLER (which has grown a lot recently), I want to wish you a very very happy new year. I hope you had a marvelous 2021, and have great plans for this upcoming year. We have a lot for you this year to make you even more productive.

Speaking of 2021, maybe you haven’t heard it or seen it, but we’ve done quite a bit to improve our service. Here are my top-3 from 2021:

In addition, in August 2021, we officially became KiCad Platinum Sponsor. If you know our history, you may know we have been contributing to open source a lot. Why am I naming that thing explicitly in my retrospective (– especially because we support other cool open source tools like Fritzing and LibrePCB as well –)? Because the first amazing thing we did this year also had to do with KiCad, we have called it AISLER Push for KiCad. If you are a KiCad user, you may want to give it a spin as it makes uploading your design to AISLER as easy as pie right in your application. If you are not a KiCad user, you may want to download KiCad just for the experience :grinning:

We do have some other cool things in store this year:

  • :mag: We are working on a great way for you to research parts, stay tuned!
  • :speaking_head:We are migrating most of our documentation and communication channels (except E-Mail) over to Discourse, so that we can jointly foster great discussion about production topics
  • :seedling: We will be discussing with you, and publish our results on how to get to carbon-neutral PCBs in 2022

I hope you are as much stoked as I am to start this great new year! Let’s jointly do cool things! I’d be happy to see you around the socials and discuss, what your 2022 will look like.

Oh, and one more thing: Thanks for being one of over 50,000 customers. Without you we wouldn’t exist and it is you that keeps us doing what we do every day to make hardware less hard!

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