4-Layer HD PCB Stackup

Stackup for 4-Layer Boards

We use Panasonic Prepreg 1080 Type R-1551(W) (58.9 KB), Peters coatings and Elga Copper foil.

Our Boards are RoHS and REACH compliant.

The following track layouts can be used to realise defined impedances. Please note that these values only provide a basic orientation. Interference factors such as angles, meanders or vias in the routing of the tracks may have a negative effect on the intended impedances.

Type Impedance Signal- / Reference Layer width space width
Single Ended 50 Ω TOP / IN1, BOT / IN2 245 µm - -
Differential pairs 90 Ω TOP / IN1, BOT / IN2 230 µm 165 µm 230 µm
Differential pairs 100 Ω TOP / IN1, BOT / IN2 190 µm 180 µm 190 µm