A better ordering system

Your ordering system for PCBs is not good. I need to easily select different PCBs and add them to my basket. This appears to be impossible!

This is currently not implemented yes.

It is supposed to order one project after the other.
On the second project you can select shipping together with the first one.

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As @andreas-eet pointed out, we currently support only a checkout for a single PCB since this is how most customers use us. If you want to have tracked or express shipping, you pay only once since are able to select the joined shipping on next order. For business customers, we have SmartQuote: How to create and accept a SmartQuote to speed things up.

Out of curiosity, how many projects do you usually order together?

1 to 3 projects - each project has between 1 to 4 different PCB designs in it.
I guess I don’t fit the “most customers” profile…

I see, that is indeed a bit annoying. I will take this use-case to our internal discussions.

Great thanks very much