Add Revision on Stencil

you added the great feature that stencils are now engraved with my project’s name. But if i order another revision i will end up with 2 different stencils but the same engraved name. Maybe you can extend the engraved name with the revision?

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If I can add to that: Would it be possible to set a specific revision number? Sometimes a new upload does not mean a new revision.

But I get it is consistent with orders like how it is currently.

Hi @philipp-stocker-ct-m, welcome to our community! Thank you very much for the input, I added this to our development pipeline.

Indeed, we want to make sure that you know what exact revision you get from us, e.g., if you want to reorder.

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I am happy to tell you that from tomorrow on, all ordered stencils will have the revision number on them!


Wow very nice thank you!