Add support for VOEC for shipments to Norway


Norway is not part of the EU. There is no customs charge on orders under 3000NOK (about 300 euro), however VAT must be paid. To simplify this, Norway has a scheme in which the company selling the product charges the VAT on behalf of the government.

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Implementing this would make it incredibly smooth and simple for Norwegian hobbyists and companies to order PCBs from you, rather than from China.

Would love to see this feature added to your checkout process. Many companies already do, including companies like PCBway (which becomes the preferred producer because of this simple implementation).


Thank you very much for bringing this to our knowledge @oddrunesl-gmail-com! We will look into this as we are (of course) interested in smooth and fast delivery. Do I understand it correctly, that, even with the simplification, you currently have to run through the manual duty/VAT process if the value is above the mentioned 3000 NOK?

Well, it’s not completely manual – actually it happens rather automatically, but it adds a couple of weeks to the transit time of the package since it sits in an incoming-packages queue-with-no-VOEC-number on the border.

Once the package is removed from this queue, you are requested documents about the value of the package (in case it is not printed on the package).

It then takes a few more days before it clears customs. Since there is no customs charge on electronics (the 3000kr is not relevant anyway), the package is released immediately.

You then get a bill from the transport company that they paid VAT on your behalf for a small charge of just 15 euros :slight_smile: They usually send you a bill after a while on the 25% VAT + 15 euros.

Sorry, long winded answer. I know its a hassle, but it would be excellent to shave 3 weeks off delivery of rapid prototyping stuff, AND save 15 euros in handling fees.

Thank you very much for detailed explanation. Exactly that is what I meant with manual.

We will investigate how to improve the shipment process (maybe also for values above 3000 NOK). I am not able to promise you anything specific, but will keep you posted!