Aisler -> Kicad -> MPN Import Error

Importing PCB’s from KiCad 7.0 into Aisler, the MPN values don’t seem to come with.



Also, Aisler does not seem to respect Kicad 7.0’s 'Do Not Populate ’ functionality.

The “DNP” option is quite new. If you select “Exclude from BOM” the component will be marked as excluded and not assembled.

I took a look at your newest project and the MPN fields were missing from your board file. Earlier today I wanted to update my board from the schematic and the custom fields were also not carried over… Maybe its a KiCad Bug? What KiCad version are you running? I will investigate the issue.

Thanks for the quick response.

Looks like V7.0.5 Release Version


I am currently testing it and the MPN was not exported on version 7.00, 7.05, 7.06. Same behavior on multiple maschines. This has worked in the past, it seems like I need to file a bug report with KiCad.