AISLER now supports Autodesk Fusion360 out-of-the-box

From today on AISLER allows you to simply upload your Autodesk Fusion360 Design, natively. This allows you to order your project within less than 30 seconds.

Just like with any other native File, Autodesk Fusion360 users can now upload their designs and AISLER will take care of the rest. No more funky exports, just upload the File and go. This also gives Fusion360-users access to our latest features such as automatic P’n’P / BOM import (Smart BOM) and AISLER’s Smart Test (

Keep it Simple

At AISLER our mission is to make your life as an engineer as easy as possible. With our native integration of Fusion360 we have just gotten one step closer. You can order your board in less than 30 seconds. You won’t need to generate Gerber files, you don’t need to zip it up. Just Drag’n’Drop and this is how we envision the manufacutring interface for you to be. I invite y’all to take it for a spin and let me know what you think!