Allow ordering parts only

I’ve been told, and IIRC I’ve already used ordering just parts, no PCBs. The last two times I’ve tried to do that it wasn’t working. The process is really complicated: add parts under maybe fake identifiers for a dummy board, then order 0 boards and n parts. But I can’t order any parts anymore. So it seems like ordering parts without boards isn’t supported anymore.

Especially when I need some more parts for already delivered boards, I’ll have to check local suppliers with extremely limited product range and bad search engines (Reichelt, I’m looking at you), or order at Mouser US and accept the heavy shipping costs for small amounts. The Aisler suppliers and combined ordering and redispatching within Europe is a great system, even with the additional handling fee. It would be good if I could use that, too.

Hi @ygoe, welcome to our community! We currently do not offer ordering parts alone anymore. However, we improved Amazing Assembly a lot, I can recommend you to try it out. We are currently working on making it easier and more affordable.

Thanks for the clarification. I’ve read about the assembly service. It’s certainly interesting for large numbers. But 80 € for a small device is nothing I’m interested in when I can easily do it myself. I just need to get the parts from somewhere.