Altium Design Rules

Hello Aisler developers,
Do you have plan to make Design Rule files for Altium? Its nice if you have. Then everyone can select simple or complex rules when design PCB. I think this is very easy to do and export .RUL files from Altium.

It is not a good idea in general, because you shoud add some margin to these exact limits, if not it is quite harder to follow design rules without any tolerance for manufacturer.

Hello @Arsqa ,

Thank you very much for your request. We already provide DesignRule files for KiCAD and Eagle. Consequently, it would be consistent if we also provided some for Altium. We are going to discuss this.

But @Neolker makes a good point here!
From our point of view, provinding design rule files with minimum dimensions is a double-edged sword. On one hand, the design rules are safely adhered to. On the other hand, it also encourages the use of structures that are at the lower edge of what we technically support. In any case, it makes sense to use safety margins wherever possible.


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