Altium parts with underscore prevent smart match

When adding parts for amazing assembly using altium, the comment field from altium, which i use for my component information, has the spaces replaced by ‘‘. The smart match does not recognize these _ and therefore does not match. When scripting it in the browser console like temp0.value = temp0.value.replace(’’, ’ ‘).replace(’', ’ ‘).replace(’', ’ ');temp0.dispatchEvent(new Event(‘keyup’)); where temp0 is the input field, the smart match detection works.

For example this is on a component “180pF_0805” where smart match does detect it when written as “180pF 0805”.

Thank you

That is indeed nasty. I remember that we had customers/design tools in the past where the underscore was used as replacement for a decimal separator. However, if this is a general Altium issue, we will address this. I will check back with my colleague how we can address it.

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention!

I am happy to tell you that we fixed the issue. When checking for the Smart Match input, we now treat underscores and slashes as value separators. Please let me know if that works for you now!