Black soldermask?

Is Black soldermask possible in future? This is important for visible PCBs in equipment, such as when enclosure panels are made using pcb workflow.
Other colours like red also, but black is my reqt today.
What would be the cost premium and lead-time?

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You can contact our project managers and ask for a qoute for your specific project.

+1 for matte black solder mask with white silkscreen (…as you’re probably well aware, most of the overseas manufacturers offer multiple solder mask colours, many up to 7 colours or more, but I’d prefer to keep things within the EU if so possible. OK to charge a little extra for such an option if need be of course, but having to go through a quoting procedure every time is a bit too much paperwork for the quick turnaround cases, especially of course wrt small series and prototypes.)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


PS. Not sure whether it is possible to crosspost this into the Feature Requests forum? If so, please enlighten me as to how :wink:

As far as I know, there is no crosspost feature, so you’ll need to create a new thread in the feature request category.

Hi again @AISLER-CE , iirc someone mentioned in the past that (more opaque) matte black solder mask could still be an option under certain ordering circumstances (HD+, Assembly, volumes…?). Is this true and if so how/what/when? (let me know if I should ask sales instead, and/or have them msg me directly). Thanks!



We offer black soldermask for boards only if they are also ordered together with assemblies. For Volume requirements, you need to speak with our sales department, I unfortunately don’t know the numbers.

Black Soldermask a “special” requirement as most orders in Europe are either Green (general use) or White PCBs (for lighting).