BSS138 - why so expensive?

Hi there - I’m wondering why adding just 5 mosfets of type BSS138 SOT-23 package makes the price of the parts jump from 12 to 46 Euro (one board)? I can’t find any cheaper alternative. Can you? It’s a rather common component and on Mouser they’re well below that quotation, even for single-part volumes. Thanks

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better searching, after trying several suppliers, I found one for about 3 Euro - ok

For now you can select the BSS138 from Rohm Semiconductor MPN: BSS138BKT116
Which results in a BOM price of 15€.
But We will look why the other manufacturer prices dont match.

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Hi @thore, I’m afraid I’m hitting again the same bug. The problem now is with the 4 diodes D1-D4. I’ve just changed them (as the footprint didn’t match) and the offer jumped to 46 Euro, with the auto-search. Without them, the offer drops to 18 Euro. I had to search for a specific part, and after some trial and error I finally found one (78-1N4148WS-HE3-08) which didn’t make the offer explode.
Thanks for your continued support!

The extra cost is the result of extra handeling cost from the Distributor, this is not well communicated at the moment and needs improvement.

I see - thanks for the clarification. Probably, the auto-search for the “best offer” should consider this cost as well, shouldn’t it?

May I ask how you searched for the current diode? Did you use the Interface on our side or used external services?

In your case the specific part number switched the sourcing of the components to a Distributor which has a minimal order value for free shipping thus the shipping cost was passed on.

yes, I searched on mouser to try different parts of basically the same component.