[bug report] Github Login is broken

Using the Github Single Sign-On buttom does not work currently.
I’m writing the from my “second” account, which I am able to use with the email/password login method, but I would be very nice to be able to login to my “normal” account which has a lot of projects and multiple teams.

Clicking on the Sign In with Github button just redirects the the start page (https://aisler.net/). Tested in multiple browsers, all behave the same…

@Patrick-from-AISLER Can you please take a look?

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Login with Github is now working again.

not sure … I checked GH login 2 hours ago, and it did work and I could access my projects. I just wanted to continue from there, but I now get

We had problems with our GitHub login. The issue is solved and everything should work now. @oberstet Could you please try again and tell me if the issue persists?

np, thx for the quick reaction and fix! I verified: the gateway issue is gone (seems you are using Cloudflare … +1 btw!), I can login via GH, see my projects, and I also checked one of them in the board inspector. cool=)

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