[bug report] Rendering Engine KiCad files

Hello Aisler,

i have noticed a difference in the rendering engine:

How it should look like:

How your rendering engine displays it:

I am on this version of KiCad

Application: KiCad PCB Editor x64 on x64

Version: 7.0.9, release build

wxWidgets 3.2.3
FreeType 2.12.1
HarfBuzz 8.2.1
FontConfig 2.14.2
libcurl/8.4.0-DEV Schannel zlib/1.3

Platform: Windows 11 (build 22631), 64-bit edition, 64 bit, Little endian, wxMSW

Build Info:
Date: Nov 5 2023 19:26:40
wxWidgets: 3.2.3 (wchar_t,wx containers)
Boost: 1.83.0
OCC: 7.7.1
Curl: 8.4.0-DEV
ngspice: 41
Compiler: Visual C++ 1936 without C++ ABI

Build settings:


This is a known issue, if you’re using our plugin, the files are created locally and this should not happen then.

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Just out of curiosity, which font are you using in this project @andreas-eet ?

It seems that’s the problem - we used Calibri and not the KiCad Font.


This makes sense as Calibri (and others) are Microsoft owned fonts. I added some replacements to our KiCad version for popular fonts. Please reupload your project to see whether this solves the issue.

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It does solve the issue!