Bug while rendering Kicad file

EDIT: Nah. It’s not a severe bug. But it took 10-15 minutes to process the file which is a bit long for a not super complex 100x100 mm file…

Just for fun I uploaded protoboard/protoboard-10x5-gndplane.kicad_pcb at master · electroniceel/protoboard · GitHub here to see that design was supported by Aislers capabilities.

But 10 minutes later the system is still processing the file. So I guess your renderer/processing scripts doesn’t like that file and goes into a “Guru Meditation” :wink:

Congratulations for driving our board processing a bit crazy :confetti_ball: I saw that the design contains more than 37.000 pads, so I guess some meditation was really deserved afterwards :wink:

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It does take some time, but after a while the rendering works properly.
I uploaded the files myself a few days ago.

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Et tu Brute? :slight_smile: It might be a nice pcb to do mixed smd and thru hole prototyping on. The prototypes will probably be quite sparse so one can’t fit fit too much on a single board. But it would be interesting to try.

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