Colorful USB-C connectors

Colorful USB-C connector?!?

Yeah, that was my reaction too! While I was looking for components for a customer, I stumbled across these special versions, do they work better? No. Do they look cool? Yeah.
You can even make a pride flag with all the colors I found.

Let’s cut to the chase, the reason you are reading this post is that you want to know where to get these parts. I’ve found these on LCSC, you’ll find a list of the part numbers just below :3.

List of components:

Image Color Part Number
Red Red HC-TYPE-C-16P-01A-R
Orange Orange HC-TYPE-C-16P-01A-O
Yellow Yellow HC-TYPE-C-16P-CH3.18-3A-Y-02
Green Green TYPEC-304A-ACP16G
Blue Blue HC-TYPE-C-16P-01A-L
Purple Purple 161N-4PVS11
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