Customer supplied parts for your assembly project

Components stock is low or got stock that you want to use for your project?
You can also supply components yourself!

If you wish to do so, please head over to your BOM and make sure that all the components you wish to have assembled are assigned.
Then, just mark those relevant parts as “customer supplied”, which will make sure that you will not be charged the component cost itself, only the service fee.

If you can’t find the part in our catalogue, just send your trusted project manager an e-mail with a link including the component specifications and they will add the part manually in our catalogue for you.

From that point on, you can complete your order via checkout, as you are used to. You will automatically get an e-mail with shipping instructions. Please make sure to stick to the given packaging instructions so that we can process it correctly. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to send back any excess parts.

Any terms? Yes, we charge a service fee of 15€, once per unique MPN for your whole project. If supplied in bulk, an additional fee may be charged. Customer supplied components must reach our warehouse within 8 days. Otherwise, AISLER reserves the right to immediately charge for components sourced by AISLER and storage cost. AISLER does not assume any liability for the functionality of customer supplied components. Please make sure to ship the components properly (for example in ESD bags or similar packaging).