DipTrace File Upload

I love your service! The only thing missing for me is upload of DipTrace PCB/Schematic files. Gerber upload works very well, but doesn’t give me access to the Smart Tests.

I’ve tried converting the boards to EAGLE format in DipTrace for uploading, but they turned out a bit glitchy.

It’s not super important for me. Just wanted to signal that there is at least some interest in it.

Hi @alemariusnexus, welcome to our community! Support for DipTrace is definitely on our bucket list. I can not tell you anything specific, but I keep you up to date here if something changes for you!

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I’d like to second this request.

@alemariusnexus I have no issue with using the Gerbers and smart tests.
I haven’t even bothered renaming any files. I just export to zip (including the ncdrill file)

Don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I can tell that we are on it and there will be a huge improvement in the not so far future :wink:

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Just revisited this thread after seeing a post on the DipTrace website that they are in fact partnering with you! Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it sounds like AISLER will not only accept DipTrace files, but there will actually be direct order functionality within DipTrace itself? If that’s actually true, it would be even more than I had hoped for! :slightly_smiling_face:

@alemariusnexus, you are fast! :wink: Indeed, we are now integrated into DipTrace, so you can order boards and assemblies directly from the application! Documentation updates are on its way.

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