Example for " Fillets in the board outline" wanted


a recent post tells that " Fillets in the board outline" in Eagle designs will not work. Can you please give an example?

Thank you

The issue only occurs for a very few projects when our software cannot calculate the “wire stubs” placed by eagle in the Gerber and construct the board outline from it.

Fillets work in 98% of the cases and if not we have a manual process in place.

We cannot provide an example since those are all customer designs.

Will the board inspector report that issue?

As fillets has zillions of german translation, I do not know what it is …

Yes, the board inspector will notify you that we are unable to create the board outline, and you will not be able to order the Board. You can contact our support, and we will work out a solution.

Again, this just happens with a few designs, not all of them.