[ Feature Request ] Ability to pause status and prevent manufacturing

Many times I will submit an order late at night, and then immediately find a problem with my design, forcing me to stay up later and fix it before it goes into manufacturing in the morning. I would often rather pause the order and fix it the next day, even if it meant a delay in delivery.

Having the ability to pause the status and prevent the order from going to manufacturing would alleviate some of the stress related to placing an order.

Additional point: An order of mine recently said “14 hours remaining” and then a few minutes later it was “in manufacturing”. That is not great, but if I were able to pause the status while making changes the accuracy of that estimate would be less important.


Hi @inc, welcome to our community.

To make sure everything is fine before ordering, we offer the board inspector. However, I can understand that sometimes things slip through and it is then a hassle to fix something quickly.

I’ll add the idea to our feature list and keep you informed! I forwarded the mentioned timing issue internally.