[ Feature Request ] DDP for orders delivered to the UK

Are you able to sort out DDP (pre-paid import taxes etc) for orders delivered to the UK? Do you charge a fee for this?


This is a great idea.

I’ll discuss this internally and let you know.

Thank you. We end up having to pay big fees to the courier if they deal with the customs and import taxes for us, so it is much better to pre-pay it.

We’ll contact our UPS Account and discuss how we can take care of that for you.

One more thing @nmgtn can you briefly state how much this currently costs you? on a total cost basis?

Coming back to this: is this still a thing for you @nmgtn? If yes, your help is appreciated. Otherwise, we will downgrade the feature request for now.

Hi, sorry I didn’t notice the reply before. Normally it would cost £12-15 and delays the shipping by a few days as the order gets held up in customs while the courier notifies me and awaits payment.

This will apply to everyone ordering from the UK as an individual consumer. If the delivery is handled by Royal Mail they charge £8 for customs clearance (plus the VAT that is due), if it’s another courier their fee is usually higher, so for a small order it’s a significant extra cost.

we are working on this issue but have to gather some intelligence on the costs of the shipment that incur when using DDP.

We are planning on making this a choice on checkout for all non-EU (:cry:) customers.

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I am also interested in this. ( UK-based)
I see there appears to have been no progress since April :frowning:

Hi @steeleymail-yahoo-co it’s a bit more complicated as this setup requires an additional contract with our logistics service provider. Hence it takes some time. We are working on it actively and will introduce it as soon as possible.

Hi - We have previously used JLCPCB, which offers DDP as an option. I am based in the UK, so DDP shipments are preferred to minimise delays. I work for a large company, so the additional cost this would incur isn’t an issue.

@Felix Do you have an update?

I would like to voice my support for DDP, and would like to ask if there are any updates that can be shared?

Removing the carrier imposed £10-15 fee removes some of the sting for us post brexit. :slight_smile: