[ Feature Request ] Delete a specific revision

Hello Aisler Team
Is it possible to delete a specific revision in a project? Or move the revision to another project?
Thanks very much

Hi @mmarkus

welcome to the community!

While we offer revisions, this currently is not a feature we have done.

What’s more important to you, deleting or moving?

Hallo Felix

Delete is a good option.
I drew a new board but was in the wrong project folder when uploading it to Aisler. Now the board is listed as a new revision in a completed project. I now want to delete this revision.

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Okay I understand.

As a workaround (and to recover the right project thumbnail) you can go to a prior (correct) revision, then click download on the left side and then re-upload that revision.

In the meanwhile, we will consider this for our feature pipeline.

Thanks, I’ll try that.