[ Feature Request ] New reduced listing in Account->Orders is not helpfull!

Yesterday I noticed that the webpage Kundenkonto->Bestellungen (account β†’ orders?) has substantial reduced the information offered. The extended information offered before was oftem of help for me and I miss that information! Any reason to reduce that information?


We recently worked on the order management where we also separated orders from invoices. Since customers gave us the feedback that they found the order view overloaded, we reduced it. What information were helpful that you now miss?

  • The board name is missing
  • the link for the shipment tracking is missing
  • a link to open the board view is missing

The only link allows to download the order confirmation where also only some scrambled name is given.


Thanks for the quick feedback. I added the improvements to our internal development pipeline!

I absolutely agree that the current overview has far too little information. When I go to my overview I see a bunch of order numbers that don’t contain any information about what exactly is ordered.
Especially when multiple orders are open it helped so much before to be able to see the name and to be able to open the board view.
With many projects in the profile it is much easier to find the design of a specific order via the order overview than going in the project overview itself.


Is there any update on this?

At the moment I have two open orders but can neither see which order is which project nor what exactly was ordered (PCB, stencil,…) and in which quantities. Having to open the pdf and then check in the project folder for the matching project ID feels more cumbersome than it should be.

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