[ Feature Request ] Scramble project names on invoice

The invoices now contain scrambled project names. This makes things harder for us to administrate. Any reason to use those scrambled project names?

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When we worked on the order management we decided to switch to the project ids to uniquely identify the project as names and repositories can change. You will also find this id on the order confirmation from now on.

Can you elaborate a bit on the administration problems you face now? Matching order and invoice?

The orders page was good before to find our when we ordered how many board from what projects Now neither the order page or the order confirmations download are usable for that purpose.

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Heya! I just wanted express my agreement with @uwe and elaborate on why we also find that the project codes make our life more difficult, albeit in a small way. Our workflow used to be to find the project from the repository name on the invoice, and then book it on the appropriate project. Now, we have to first look up the order on the web interface to find the repository name, which takes extra time.

Also note that since we usually don’t change a repository while waiting on an order, we did not have issues matching a project name to a repository. Even if we did change the name, it would still be descriptive of the project.

Would it be an option to report both the repository name and ID on the invoice, so you have the best of both worlds? Other solutions could be to have the option to specify a company order number (like you find at many component vendors) or to show a small simplified render of the board (outline) on the invoice.

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