How does Aisler handle a PCB ordered with Amazing Assembly where an SMD is not attached?

The subject basically covers my inquiry. I ordered 20 boards. 19 of them seem OK. One of them had a detached Momentary Switch that was loose in the enclosed packaging.

I reached out via customer support and I did get a reply that mentioned “re-work” as an alternative. But when I inquired about choosing this option, there has been no reply so far.

Do I need to return the defective board? If so, how is this handled: shipping label etc.

Or does Aisler simply assemble a replacement board?


Hi am sorry that you have not received a reply so far.
Would you mind giving me the Ticket ID in the DMs? I will look into it.

Now that you mention it, there is no ticket number on the direct emails. There is an order number. I will direct message you that if you don’t mind.

Make sure you test (push/pull) the switches on the other 19 boards to see if they come off easy. In my case of 12 boards 3 switches were loose in the package and 5 more came off with that test. Admittedly these were ‘large’ SMD switches, but still I expected more from a professional (vapor phase?) solder process.

Thanks for replying. I did check the other 19 boards and a little bit of side-ways pressure and pushing on the buttons did not cause any other loose switches to be detected.

What remediation did Aisler offer you? I am still waiting to hear if my acceptance of a re-work offer (rather than a company credit) is going to be honored. or not.

@AISLER-CE was checking into it for me but so far no answer.

Good that it’s only one board!

Aisler offered to do the rework and sent me labels to stick on a package. However, as these boards contained an unobtainable microcontroller I decided that doing the rework myself made more sense in this case. They later credited an amount which settled the issue for me.

(TBH, if only one switch, I would always do the rework myself. Finding a box to fit the PCB takes more time :slight_smile:)


I have a colleague at my university who might be able to help with the repair. This is my first experience with SMD parts on a board and the re-attachment process looks delicate without the proper equipment.

Any tutorials/videos you could recommend on a DiY rework process? What equipment is needed?

I will see how Aisler responds to my most recent ask for help.

Difficult to say without knowing the switch, but a fine iron and some thin solder usually do it for these types of component.

That said, the right equipment is mandatory and usually not cheap, although, for incidental soldering jobs you could look at an iron like the TS100 or derivatives. That could certainly be used for a job like this.

I have a nice soldering station:

I was wondering about the right solder flux and the need to clean the board area after the repair (what kind of fluid to clean with).

I will be consulting with a colleague tomorrow about the board repair and I am hopeful he can help me out and possibly complete the repair.

Thanks for your replies.

Aisler called my on the phone today to clarify my options for a repair/credit.