How to prevent orientation mistakes for THT components?


We’re considering having assembly done by Aisler in the future (several months away still). However, we’re a bit worried about assembly details concerning the THT parts that we feel are somewhat important, see below.

In particular, we’d like all BNC connectors to be rotated as shown in the picture (with the bayonet clips aligned horizontally), and that the DIP-switches (just above the DIN labels) are in the correct orientation.

How can we minimize probability of human error in cases like these? In the past, we’ve seen quite a few issues where the people doing the soldering made mistakes, and we’d like to prevent that as much as possible.

Hi :wave: thank you for your interest in our assembly service.

Things like this can be tricky indeed. I suggest to E-Mail our project managers in advance so they can communicate the detailed assembly instructions. For both components, it will be possible to document the component orientation on the silkscreen, additionally you can provide this rendering via E-Mail.

For the DIP Switches, you could add the triangle marking in addition to rectengular pad for Pin-1.


For the BNC connector, I think a marking like this could convey the orientation.

But definitely communicate this with our project managers.