How to use the pricing tool

I have not found out how to use the pricing tool (GitHub - AislerHQ/aisler_pricing: Want to know how we calculate our prices? Look no further!) from Aisler. There is no information on how to use it other than the bare repository with the rakefiles.
So my question is regarding how to use the pricing tool.

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@Patrick-from-AISLER Can you help out?

The Ruby library which you’ve on Github is mainly used by our own application and some third parties. If you’re looking for our price calculation schema, it’s probably best to check Our Simple Pricing

Does that answer your question?

While it answers the question it is then misleading how the pricing advertises the tool to be used for calculations. It left the impression to me, that by using the tool i can get a fast estimate on the price without having to calculate it on my own. E.g. compared to some PCB manufacturers where you upload your gerbers and see directly what the estimate is. On Aisler i have to upload my files and then click through the whole processes first before I can see a rough estimate or use the tables and calculate it by hand.