Our Simple Pricing

AISLER is simple manufacturing for your electronics project. We believe pricing should be simple and transparent, too. No hidden fees, just one fixed Job Fee and one variable fee. That’s it. We even built a ruby gem for you to play around with. Have a look on Github. If you just want to briefly grab your calculator, we’ve listed all pricing formulas here.

Please note: For simplicity, pricing formulas described here are net-price formulas. Please add respective attributable VAT where required (e.g. if you are a consumer). The formulas described here do not conclude an official offer, but are for informational purposes only.

Why we charge a Job Fee?

Every job your purchase comes with a fixed Job Fee. That fee varies depending on the product or service you order. It pays for the order’s overhead, which is:

  1. Selecting the best affordable local manufacturing partner that fits your project’s requirements
  2. Providing all required documents for the selected partner (which can be more complicated depending on the technology used)
  3. Controlling the quality of your job after it has been manufactured
  4. Shipping it to your location on time
  5. Ensuring the all accounting departments are happy
  6. Providing you with best-in-class support

Why we charge an area-usage or handling Fee

The variable fee allows us to provide you with a great quality circuit board, stencil or parts package, which includes:

  1. Selecting the right material, and choosing the most affordable distributors
  2. Ensure that only high quality machines are being used
  3. Pay the manufacturing operators a fair salary
  4. Ensure all processes are environmentally friendly to the highest standards

Beautiful Boards

PCB Price = Job Fee + Area x Area-usage Fee x Quantity

Minimum order quantity is always 3, you can order any Beautiful Board in sets of 3.

Service Job Fee Area-usage Fee
Budget :moneybag: 2-Layer € 10.00 € 0.0525 per cm2
Blitz :zap: 2-Layer € 12.00 € 0.104 per cm2
HD 2-Layer € 12.00 € 0.084 per cm2
HD 4-Layer € 12.00 € 0.117 per cm2

2-Layer with Budget :moneybag:-Service with a PCB that is 7.0 cm x 5.0 cm:
Price = 10.00 € + 35 cm2 x 0.0525 €/cm2 x 3 = € 15.51

Stellar Stencil

Stencil Price = Job Fee + Area x Area-usage Fee x Factordouble-sided

You can either order one side or two sides. This depends on whether you have two paste layers or only one. We’ll automatically adapt the factor.

Service Job Fee Area-usage Fee
Stellar Stencil € 5.00 € 0.095 per cm2

One-Side Stencil for a PCB that is 7.0 cm x 5.0 cm:
Price = 5.00 € + 35 cm2 x 0.095 €/cm2 x 1 = € 8.33

Amazing Assembly

Assembly Price = Beautiful Boards + Stellar Stencil + Parts + Assembly Fee

We will purchase all parts for your convenience and send them along. Making assembly pricing easy to understand is a bit more complicated. Our Checkout will include all components required (hence Beautiful Boards, Stellar Stencil, and Parts) plus the Assembly fee explained below:

Assembly Fee = Setup Fee + Handling Fee + Placement Fee

We offer two pricing models, one optimizied for smaller quantities and one for series production.
The pricing model with the lowest cost for you is automatically selected.

Amazing Assembly pricing model.

Price Component Fee Cost Driver
Setup & Handling Fee € 75.00 Fix-Fee
2 Sided Assembly € 30.00 Fix-Fee
Placement Fee € 0.38 Parts assigned x Quantity

Amazing Assembly Series pricing model.

Price Component Fee Cost Driver
SMD Setup & Handling Fee € 332,50 Fix-Fee per Assembly Side
THT Setup & Handling Fee for € 30 Fix-Fee
Setup Cost per SMD part € 3,75 Parts assigned
SMD Placement Fee € 0.03 Parts assigned x Quantity
THT Placement Fee € 0.38 Parts assigned x Quantity

Please Note: If you want to supply components, we charge a Customer Supplied Component fee of € 15 per customer suppied component assigned part.

Please note: If you need components that are not available in our search form, we can obtain parts from brokers or you can supply components (additional fees may apply). Please fill in this request form and contact one of our Project Managers. They will be glad to help you.

If you want to calculate different assembly prices, best check our calculator at Amazing Assembly for your project.