Our Simple Pricing

AISLER is simple manufacturing for your electronics project. We believe pricing should be simple and transparent, too. No hidden fees, just one fixed Job Fee and one variable fee. That’s it. We even built a ruby gem for you to play around with. Have a look on Github. If you just want to briefly grab your calculator, we’ve listed all pricing formulas here.

Please note: For simplicity, pricing formulas described here are net-price formulas. Please add respective attributable VAT where required (e.g. if you are a consumer). The formulas described here do not conclude an official offer, but are for informational purposes only.

Why we charge a Job Fee?

Every job your purchase comes with a fixed Job Fee. That fee varies depending on the product or service you order. It pays for the order’s overhead, which is:

  1. Selecting the best affordable local manufacturing partner that fits your project’s requirements
  2. Providing all required documents for the selected partner (which can be more complicated depending on the technology used)
  3. Controlling the quality of your job after it has been manufactured
  4. Shipping it to your location on time
  5. Ensuring the all accounting departments are happy
  6. Providing you with best-in-class support

Why we charge an area-usage or handling Fee

The variable fee allows us to provide you with a great quality circuit board, stencil or parts package, which includes:

  1. Selecting the right material, and choosing the most affordable distributors
  2. Ensure that only high quality machines are being used
  3. Pay the manufacturing operators a fair salary
  4. Ensure all processes are environmentally friendly to the highest standards

Beautiful Boards

PCB Price = Job Fee + Area x Area-usage Fee x Quantity

Minimum order quantity is always 3, you can order any Beautiful Board in sets of 3.

Service Job Fee Area-usage Fee
Budget :moneybag: 2-Layer € 12.00 € 0.042 per cm2
Blitz :zap: 2-Layer € 16.00 € 0.084 per cm2
HD 2-Layer € 12.00 € 0.084 per cm2
HD 4-Layer € 12.00 € 0.117 per cm2
HD 6-Layer € 12.00 € 0.146 per cm2

2-Layer with Budget :moneybag:-Service with a PCB that is 7.0 cm x 5.0 cm:
Price = 9.00 € + 35 cm2 x 0.042 €/cm2 x 3 = € 10.41

Stellar Stencil

Stencil Price = Job Fee + Area x Area-usage Fee x Factordouble-sided

You can either order one side or two sides. This depends on whether you have two paste layers or only one. We’ll automatically adapt the factor.

Service Job Fee Area-usage Fee
Stellar Stencil € 5.00 € 0.095 per cm2

One-Side Stencil for a PCB that is 7.0 cm x 5.0 cm:
Price = 5.00 € + 35 cm2 x 0.095 €/cm2 x 1 = € 8.33

Amazing Assembly

Assembly Price = Beautiful Boards + Stellar Stencil + Parts + Assembly Fee

We will purchase all parts for your convenience and send them along. Making assembly pricing easy to understand is a bit more complicated. Our Checkout will include all components required (hence Beautiful Boards, Stellar Stencil, and Parts) plus the Assembly fee explained below:

Assembly Fee = Setup Fee + Handling Fee + Placement Fee

The Setup Fee pays for setting up the machines and loading the components, whereas the Handling fee pay for all supporting processes of the actual assembly (i.e. paste printer, reflow, etc), finally the Placement fee pays for the actual component placement on the boards.

Price Component Fee Cost Driver
Job Fee free Fix-Fee
Setup Fee € 10.00 Part Variance
Handling Fee € 0.02 Area x Quantity
Placement Fee € 0.04 Parts assigned x Quantity

We also support Double Sided assembly, please just double the Handling Fee and add € 175.00 to the Job Fee.
As THT placement is a more manual process, we are charging for it slightly differently.

Price Component Fee Cost Driver
Setup Fee 65.00 Euro one-off
Placement Fee € 0.50 THT Parts x Quantity

Please note: If you need components that are not available in our search form, we can obtain parts from brokers or you can supply components (additional fees may apply). Please fill in this request form and contact one of our Project Managers. They will be glad to help you.

If you want to calculate different assembly prices, best check our calculator at Amazing Assembly for your product.

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I’ve uploaded a design that has a BOM of about E40,-, with 25 different components (excluding hidden components). I’d expect the assembly fee to be about 75 + 25*4.5 + small amount, say around E200,- max. However, on checkout, amazing assembly is listed for >E600,- ?

Any ideas what might be the reason for such a large difference?

Hi @0xa000 welcome to the community.

My best guess would be that you have components on two sides which doubles setup-costs. If you DM me your project url, we can have a look at it.

I have kept ordering PCBs from aisler for my study for a while. I have to say: Excellent job with fair price. I will surely keep supporting, and introduce you to others.
I have a question here related to the VAT-price. I normally ordered the PCBs directly from aisler, paid by myself, and got reimbursed from our financial office by submitting the invoices. But a few days ago, our financial office informed me that I have to get the VAT-free order for the future order, which means I should provide our VAT number to you, to get the PCB boards without paying VAT taxes (net-price only) (We are in Germany, within EU).
I am not really familiar with this kind of operation. So I would like to ask:

  1. Whether it could be achieve by simply inputing our VAT number in the “https://aisler.net/<my_username>/settings/invoicing” field, or I have to ask the quotation every time I place the order in the future.

  2. Whether is it possible to pay by invoice, so I do not have to be involved into the endless reimbursement process.

Thanks in advance for your reply!

Hi @sheng, welcome to the community and thanks for referring us to others, we highly appreciate that!

Regarding VAT, have you checked: VAT-free invoices because there are certain rules that we legally have to abide to (for example, if you are located in Germany for example, we have to charge 19% VAT even if you are a business).

However, I think what you are looking for is a business account, you can setup one just simply by clicking the "+ Add new team " link on the Team picker in the top left corner of your account (this is a dropdown). Then you can click business and we will guide you through the process of setting that account up properly.

Regarding paying by invoice, check this article: Charge on Account

Hallo, ich hab auch mal eine Frage. Es geht um die Bestückung. Hab bei Fritzing die Bauteile angegeben, wenn ich es nun hochlade zum bestellen zeigt er mir zwar die Stückliste an aber keinen Preis. Ich steh gerade auf dem Schlach :smiley: wollte eigentlich PCB bestückt bestellen.
Liebe Grüße

Hi @info-evilware-de, welcome to the community.

You are asking why assigned parts in Fritzing don’t immediately translate to a pricing in AISLER’s BOM.

This can have several reasons, the major one being that you didn’t specify MPN and manufacturer in the respective fields. Do that and we automatically assign the parts and give you a quote for assembly.

The second reason can be that (given you have done the above) some of the parts are not available from our standard distributors which are Farnell, Digikey, and Mouser. If you are a business, and want German support you can fill in the assembly request form here and we’ll get back with you immediately. Be sure you are logged in because then you can directly select the project you want assembled.

Our support speaks German, so you can direct questions in German language. Our Community is international hence this post is in English for everyone.

I hope this helps you!


Hallo, ich arbeite mit Fritzing. Ich habe dort nun entsprechend den Bauteilen die Herstellernummer von Farnell eingegeben. Aber wenn ich es hochlade zeigt er mit zwar unter Parts Value an 4.7k aber sonst nichts. Gibt es da Probleme mit Fritzing und Aisler Spezifisch der Herstellernummer etz.?

Здравейте @christina,

Бих искал да ви попитам дали е възможно ускоряването на производствения процес(и цената разбира се) до 3 дни? По принцип в нашата развойна дейност ни трябват бързи проверки на проектираното изделие в малки количества - обикновено 6-9 броя платки и експресна доставка, така, че до 6-7 дни да получим готовия продукт.

Hi @christina,

I would like to ask you if it is possible to speed up the production process (and the price of course) to 3 days? In general, in our development activity we need quick inspections of the designed product in small quantities - usually 6-9 boards and express delivery, so that within 6-7 days we receive the finished product.

Hello, @christina !

Supply chains are still lumpy.

There are components I can get here that your assembly says you cannot source. (Conversely, there are components that you can get that I have a hard time sourcing.)

Would it be possible for me to send you a portion of the BOM and pay handling fees for that?

Thank you and best regards,

HI @Pat-Maupin yes that’s possible. Just fill in an assembly request form here AISLER - Powerful Prototyping made in Germany and one of our project managers will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We support Customer Supplied Components. They’ll help you how to do this.

Awesome! Thank you for your help.

@christina I have some questions about the Amazing Assembly.
What are “SMT components” and what are “unique components”?
For example, if we add a standard 1K 0402 resistor, it belongs to SMT or unique?
Do we need to pay Setup Fee for that?

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IIRC, a component can be in both places:

SMT components: The total number of components, counting multiples, that are SMT.

Unique: The number of unique components, as in, not counting how many of EACH, just how many different components in general.

So, for example, a 2x2 button matrix has: 4 buttons, 4 capacitors and 4 diodes. That’s 3 “unique” components and 12 smt parts. If the buttons for example were through hole, that would be 8 smt and 4 through hole parts.

I think, for things like capacitors and resistors and stuff, “capacitor” is the unique part, not “1uf capacitor”, but I’m not 100% sure on that part.

This is my understanding anyway, fingers crossed I’m right! lol.

HI @nkstark , hi @Scriven welcome to the community and thanks for taking care of each other, this is what the community is all about.

To answer your question, I’ll make an example.

Let’s assume you have a bom that consists of the following (the bom doesn’t make sense but should illustrate the question)

Designator MPN / Smart Match
U1 AP2112K-3.3TRG1
C1 100 nF [Smart Match]
C2 60 nF [Smart Match]
C3 100 nF [Smart Match]
C4 GCM21BR72A104KA37L
C5 CC-100N [THT Cap]
C6 CC-1.5N [THT Cap]

When we talk about Part Variance we are looking at unique components. In this case C1, C3 are the same, the rest is different so the variance would be 6. Hence the Setup Fee would be 5x10 Euro = 60 Euro. For the Placement Fee, we consider just the SMT Components (as THT are separate) and multiply that by the quantity of the boards requested. If we assume 2 Boards, with the Bom above this would a Placement Fee of 2 x 5 x 0.04 € = 0.40 € for Placement. For the THT Components we have a one-off Setup Fee of 40.00 Euro, and in your case you would pay 40.00 € + 2 x 0.50 € x 2 = 42.00 € for THT Placement fee.

To sum it up: Part Variance is the amount of reels you need to feed your machine (hence different components) and SMT part count is the amount of SMT parts you place on a board. Does that make sense?

Hi @christina, thanks a lot for the clear explaination.
I feel that the setup fee is a little bit expensive and the SMT of Aisler is more suitable for small amout of production. Becasue the customer only need to pay once Setup Fee.
My small wish is that Aisler could have some standard components, which are always setup in
the machine. (0.1uF caps or something else). For the phototype, we could have a lower setup fee.


Above prices are outdated. According to this the setup fee is 5 €/part as of May 31st.

The job fee went up 3€ this year, is this correct?

Yes, that is correct.

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I’m sorry, but job fee was 6€ in December if I’m not mistaken. And raised twice in January to now 12€. Except that double raise was a mistake?

By the way the example calculation does it all wrong having all the old prices in it (6€ and 9€).