🎉 Proudly announcing the 6 Layer HD PCB Service 😎

tldr; Yes, it’s December 6, what better day to announce the support of 6 Layers :wink: And here it is: We are proud to announce that starting today AISLER also ships 6 Layer PCBs. And as you know us, thanks to automation it’ll come at the sharpest price known to the industry making 6 Layers more accessible than ever before

Why now? At AISLER we work everyday to make electronics manufacturing accessible. We needed to get the other technologies right and to the point, and we think we did! Adding six layers isn’t just adding two additional layers to an existing product. It is an entire new product. The sheer endless design possibilities with six layers also mean we need to really focus on some technical manufacturing parameters to ensure it is usable by everyone. In addition, the price needs to be right and this can’t be done without AISLER’s automation – which had to be extended to support six layers. With everything in place we can now start offering something we can be proud of.

So, what’s the price?

As said a product needs to be affordable. Whatever is out there at this moment really isn’t. Until today, once you select six layers anywhere, your costs will rise exponentially and you’ll really try to switch back to four layers if you can. The main reason for high prices is that with every layer that you add, the complexity of a manual manufacturing data preparation rises exponentially. Someone somewhere will have to adapt your design so that it’ll be manufactured. Not only is this very time-consuming but also expensive. Thanks to AISLER’s automation, we don’t have that problem and can hence offer six layers with the same fix costs as every other offering. So it just boils down to a slightly increased variable price of 0.146€ per cm^2.

Don’t know what that means, here’s a price overview:

Layers Dimensions Quantity Price
6 Layers 20mm by 20mm 3 7.75€
6 Layers 80mm by 80mm 3 34.03€

This includes worldwide standard shipping. If you want to know more about our pricing, check this article.

So, how is six layers simple?

As you may know, when selecting a multi-layer board offering the stackup is very important. For simplified routing of high speed signals we settled with thin high quality Panasonic Cores and Prepregs. Prepreg thickness between layers 1, 2 and 5, 6 is just 136μm. Cores between layers 2, 3 and 4, 5 are 200μm. Besides that Panasonic R-1551(W) base materials are used exclusively to provide matched impedance on every production batch. See our 6 Layer Stackup article for details.

As always we deeply integrate with all major design applications. KiCad, Autodesk EAGLE & Fusion 360, Target 3001! and Altium Designer are supported out of the box. For Altium Designer we even provide a pre-defined stackup definition.

Hence no excuse to get started with a six layer design in no-time. What’s holding you back? (read till the end to get a little tip what six layers can be used for)

Last but not least, what’s the speed?

As with all of our other PCBs, all 6 Layer PCBs are made in and shipped from Germany. This guarantees fast shipment to your door and avoids any customs & taxes struggle if you are within the EU. Manufacturing lead time will be just eight business days. If you want to have it delivered to your door the next day we also offer UPS Express shipping starting at just 10.99€.
This allows an agile prototyping friendly 2-week production cycle.

Thanks to everyone involved

Yes, the most important thing for us is to be grateful. We are a crazy bunch of Epic Employees just wanting to make hardware less hard for you, but it wouldn’t be possible without your continuous support and feedback. We want to help you get your product to the next level and whatever we do, we do it for you!

Get started with a new six layer project

I promised one idea to get you started: maybe you can route a very dense chip onto a six layer breakoutboard with cascellated holes. This allows that chip to be used (just solder it like an ESP) on a simple board that doesn’t require six layers. This allows you to save costs and makes the overall design process a lot simpler.

We hope this’ll help you!

And with that,