Amazing Assembly gets radical price cuts!

We have been offering Amazing Assembly for quite some time now. It’s been so successful that we were able to extend manufacturing capacities to a multitude of partners to offer assembly from a single-unit to a large-scale series with just the click of a button. As all we do is automate, this brings the advantage that at this scale, we can significantly reduce setup costs. We want to share this advantage with you.

But what does this mean?
Starting today Amazing Assembly won’t have any Jobfee anymore. In addition, we reduce SMT placement fees by 50%.

We automate production, but even with automation come overhead costs. These costs can only be reduced by increased volume. We have significantly increased our volume thanks to your orders and hence can now again lower our fees for you. This is where automation really shines, it helps us use your increased orders to lower our costbase. Because it is you that allows us to leverage cost savings, we want to share these savings with you as part of the AISLER Creative Community and give you the prices you deserve. So this is where we jointly help each other! Thanks for making this possible!

Let’s run the numbers: how much is it?

You have a project with 10x8 cm^2 where you need one prototype and then you want to order 100 pieces, you have 10 different and 50 SMT components in total:

Prototype (1 piece)
Part Variance Fee 10x 7.50 Euro 75.00 Euro
Handling Fee: 1x 10x8 cm^2 x 0.01 Euro/cm^2 0.80 Euro
Placement Fee 1x 50 components x 0.04 Euro/component 2.00 Euro
Total 77.80 Euro
Series (100 pieces)
Part Variance Fee 10x 7.50 Euro 75.00 Euro
Handling Fee 100x 10x8 cm^2 x 0.01 Euro/cm^2 80.00 Euro
Placement Fee 100x 50 components x 0.04 Euro/component 200.00 Euro
Total 355.00 Euro

For more information on pricing head over to our Our Simple Pricing Article.

This all starts TODAY! So what are you waiting for? Drop your PCB Design project into our system and let yourself be enchanted by our new prices.

We are looking forward seeing your new cool designs for your awesome prototypes.


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