Service Status

Current Service Status

Refer to the following table to get an estimate of the Target and its current Leadtime.

Status Service Target Current Status Description
:white_check_mark: PCB - 2 Layer Blitz 2 2 100% on-time
:white_check_mark: PCB - 2 Layer HD 5 5 100% on-time
:white_check_mark: PCB - 4 Layer HD 7 7 on-time
:white_check_mark: PCB - 6 Layer HD 10 10 on-time
:white_check_mark: Stencil 2 2 100% on-time
:white_check_mark: Assembly 2 8 100% on-time
:white_check_mark: Dispatch 1 1 100% on-time
:white_check_mark: Regular Shipping - German Mail 1 1 We don’t see any delays
please advise with Deutsche Post
:white_check_mark: Regular Shipping - International Mail n n Depending on your country mail delivery may take a while, if you want to be sure, take Overnite Shipping
please advise with Deutsche Post and your local post office for current delays in your area
:white_check_mark: Express Shipping - UPS (Germany) 1 1 Fully operational
:white_check_mark: Express Shipping - UPS (International) 2 3 Some deliveries to certain geographies may be impacted, delay to UK due to BREXIT

Example business day calculation door-to-door:

Lead time Service Step
2 Business days PCB - 2 Layer Blitz Manufacturing
1 Business day Dispatch
1 Business day Overnight Express
4 business days Total Door-to-Door


:ukraine: Special note to our Ukranian customers: We stand with you. All your orders will be delivered once it is safe to do so. If you want us to send it to a non-Ukranian address please briefly contact us via our support form AISLER - Powerful Prototyping made in Germany

:ru: Special note to our Russian customers: Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine we have decided to stop taking and delivering orders until peace has been reinstated.

How a business day is calculated

We consider the first business day to be the first full day (from 5:30h to 18h). This means that when you order at 15:30h, the next day will be your first business day. We also do not include Saturday or Sunday. Public holidays in the respective regions will be excluded as well. Sometimes manufacturing partners will have leap holidays and/or are closed on specific dates, while we try to avoid this, we will always take that into account when we display the estimated date of dispatch in the order bar.
Target and current are business day estimates.

How we inform about the order status

No matter where you are located, we will update you on the progress of the production and shipping status along the way. We also provide a date of dispatch the moment you order. This will hold in almost all cases. In the rare case of an exception, we will inform you about any delays via email right away.

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is the information in this post realy updated everyday at 8am, at is says below the table?
I am astonished about the 100% on time status for PCB - 2 Layer Blitz. I have two orders placed, of which one should be dipatched on thuraday 24th and one on friday 25th of february.
Both of them are not dispatched yet.

Despite your statement, that you would inform about any delay via email, I did not get any information till now.

Lars Thomas

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Hi @net-lars-t-de, welcome to the community :wink:

we offer the possibility to add new orders to an existing delivery. This is mainly used to save shipping costs. This is possible for up to two days after placing the first order. But watch out for this, if you order Blitz and then add another Blitz order on the next day it will delay the shipment of the first order. This is exactly what happened in your case.
So next time, just select a new delivery on checkout instead of adding to an open delivery. See this post for more detiails Ordering more than one project - #7 by Patrick-from-AISLER


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will the lead time for assembly increase if I’m going to use parts from one of your distributors (e.g. mouser)?

Thank you and best regards!

The lead-time from our distributors is factored into the estimated date of dispatch. So, yes, it is factored in.

Hi, how long is the production time for “Beautiful Boards HD 6L”?