What is the lead time for production?

The production lead time depends on the product. Please refer to our Service status page for details.

How do we calculate business days

We consider the first business day to be the first full day (from 5:30h to 18h). This means that when you order at 15:30h, the next day will be your first business day. We also do not include Saturday or Sunday. Public holidays in the respective regions will be excluded as well. Sometimes manufacturing partners will have leap holidays and/or are closed on specific dates, while we try to avoid this, we will always take that into account when we display the estimated date of dispatch in the order bar.

How we inform about the order status

No matter where you are located, we will update you on the progress of the production and shipping status along the way. We also provide a date of dispatch the moment you order. This will hold in almost all cases. In the rare case of an exception, we will inform you about any delays via email right away.

Service status page doesn’t seem to exist.

Service Status - :open_book: Knowledge Base / :open_book: Getting Started - AISLER Creative Community

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