Assembly Specifications

Our Amazing Assembly comes with the following specifications

Find our Amazing Assembly specifcations below:

Assembly specs
Minimum order quantity 1
Maximum order quantity :infinity:
Doubled sided possible :white_check_mark:
THT Components allowed :white_check_mark:
SMD Components allowed :white_check_mark:
THT & SMD mixed allowed :white_check_mark:
PCB Size Limits
Maximum PCB width 43.0 cm
Maximum PCB height 47.0 cm
Component Specs
Smallest SMD footprint possible 0201
Minimum Pitch active components 0.35mm
Minimum Pitch passive components 0.4mm
Minimum Pitch BGA 0.4mm
Customer supplied components possible
Solderpaste Specs
Solderpaste leadfree
Manufacturing Leadtime
Lead time 10 business days

Is the 20x20cm limit still in effect?

I uploaded a larger than 20x20cm PCB and successfully got a quote for assembly? Is this correct?

Hi Matthew, I have the same question. Did you get your assembly?

Hi @Matthew-Nichols ,
hi @Roman1 ,

I am very sorry for the late reply. The dimensions given here were unfortunately out of date. It was no problem to order larger projects as well. I have now updated the pcb size limits (43.0 x 47.0 cm).

Best regards,