I have to solder thick wire on the big track

Can a PCB board be made so that you can solder on the track a thicker layer that can handle more Amps? See attached “motor controller”

I have to solder thick wire on the big track (red)…is that possible? and if so how do I tell the manufacturer this?

I use Kicad

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What amount of current do you run through that trace and at which frequencies?

Approx. 40 Amp and 400 hz

5 years ago I made the motor controller on ExpressPCB and it still works. a thick layer of tin is soldered on the tracks to the Mosfet.

Now I have drawn it in Kicad and am asking if you can expose the top layer of Cu so that I can solder a thick layer onto the track.

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You can create a soldermask opening in KiCad using the F.Mask layer for the top side and B.Mask for the bottom side.

Like so

Thank you very much - I completely understand what you mean.

I am very happy for your answer.

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